Police station fire kills at least 68 — Venezuela

Posted Marcha 30, 2018

Supporters of Venezuela's jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez hold posters of him during a protest demanding his release in Caracas, Venezuela.

Reaching the frog's habitats required expeditions of several days on foot and mule into the Perija mountains.

At least 68 people have died during a fire that erupted in a Venezuela police station after a riot involving prisoners.

"Forensic doctors are determining the number of fatalities", Santander said.

Officials have confirmed that among the deceased two were women. Allegations of torture ranging from sleep deprivation to electroshock have been made.

He announced Europe would be providing 2 million euros to Venezuela and 6 million to Colombia.

It's estimated that 230,000 illegal migrants live in Cúcuta. Regularly in terms of their documents, but financially it's not normal.

My name is Viliyana Filipova, 27 years-old woman from Bulgaria. "If you see those mountains you see nothing". Clearly for the representatives in the European Union's only democratic body, the integrity of the press and "Black lives" really don't matter!

"The children are managing to study regularly".

Nearly half of the doctors who worked in public hospitals have left the country, León Natera said.

And what happened Wednesday in Carabobo is not an isolated incident, he added. There is a growing less and less food coming into markets and it is more expensive. A pound of carrot seeds can cost 60 million bolivares, about 260 dollars a parallel change. This has to be done for free. But even that sector has started to suffer from the shrinking pool of medical personnel. I established the Economics Gazette and employed high educated and experienced team of business, finance and economy analysts, as well as journalists.

Because of the lack of space in penitentiaries, convicts are often sent to police holding cells like the ones in Carabobo, meant to be used as temporary pens for suspects facing charges or court hearings, where detainees are supposed to spend a maximum of 48 hours.

Faced with this massive influx of migrants, Colombia has called for international help.

In 2017, national producers managed to produce just 25% of consumption. As such, cryptocurrency exchanges have to determine whether or not they want to deal with the PTR currency or not.

There are also cancer patients desperate to restart treatment, as well as the malnourished.

The measure surprises agricultural guilds that also look at it with distrust.

According to Wheatley, the necessary steps are being taken to safeguard the country's assets, while ensuring energy security for the country. Last year no 500,000 hectares of se items were planted.