Australian mango industry happy with new emoji

Posted Febrero 12, 2018

The Unicode Consortium, which oversees emoji selection, just announced that we're getting 157 emojis and some of them will be of the ginger variety!

After Unicode releases its guidelines, software makers such as Apple and Google design versions for their respective platforms. And now I'll wait for the emoji of a guy yelling into a pillow to be released. New superheroes and supervillains emojis for both men and women have been added as well.

In Emoji 5, we can see a lot of different types of emojis serving different expressions.

This will take the total number of emojis available for you to enjoy up to a whopping 2,823.

Emojipedia's Jeremy Burge has shared some sample images of the new emojis along with a short video featuring the new emojis as well.

The Emoji 11.0 list will likely debut in June. There are also science-centric objects in the form of a test tube, petri dish, and DNA. And they are good.

The emoji 11.0 set includes more bald-headed emoji, a hot face, a cold face, a lab coat, llama, raccoon, lobster, hippopotamus, parrot and kangaroo. Treena Welch from the Australia Mango Industry Association said Thursday's news was exciting: "It means people across the world can use this emoji to applaud mangoes". We imagine there will soon be an emoji which will convey the emotion of there being too many emojis.