Thomas Fire Burns Ventura Apartment Complex To Ground

Posted Diciembre 07, 2017

Remember to update your bookmarks. And residents are evacuating their homes, and they're gathering alongside the highway and watching the fire move toward town.

"In the ever-expanding search for affordable housing, we're building in fire corridors that historically we were not", Patzert said of burgeoning housing developments in the Santa Clarita River Valley, for example, which includes the communities of Santa Paula, Fillmore and Piru.

The fires have spread so quickly and grown so large thanks to the California weather phenomenon known as the Santa Ana winds.

Some 500 firefighters are battling the fire along with water-dropping helicopters and airplanes laying down streams of fire retardant.

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Fire officials, whose work has been intensified by the fanning Santa Ana winds, have said that blaze is zero-percent contained.

The video shows the intensity of the flames.

To the editor: One of the main reasons the fires across California have been so bad is because much of the state had two wet winters in a row, which led to a profusion of growth that died and dried into the summer, fall and winter.

Deadly fires tore through Northern California earlier this year. Santa Ana's Creek Fire has destroyed 11,000 acres, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Santa Ana winds have long contributed to some of the region's most disastrous wildfires.

Here's what you need to know about the infernos engulfing southern California. Meanwhile, evacuation orders were underway after a fire broke later in the day near Cal State San Bernardino. Amid the strong, dry winds, the Creek Fire in Sylmar erupted and also promoted evacuations and destroyed residences Tuesday afternoon.

Stewart says 47 firefighters are on the scene, setting up protection for homes at the top of the steep slopes.

Thomas Fire: The fire continues to burn in the foothills about 80 kilometres north of Los Angeles.

No fatalities had been confirmed on Tuesday morning, according to Eric Buschow, a sergeant with the sheriff's office.

A fast-moving fire fanned by high winds in Southern California's Ventura and Santa Barbara counties charred 50,000 acres of land, burned hundreds of homes and damaged citrus crops.

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