Capcom Announces Mega Man 11 During 30th Anniversary Celebration

Posted Diciembre 05, 2017

This is the third Legacy Collection released by Capcom, which has already compiled all ten of the original Mega Man games for current-gen consoles. Mega Man 11 will launch in late 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Well, the Blue Bomber's exile is officially over, as Capcom has announced Mega Man 11. The brand-new side-scrolling adventure will pit Mega Man against a whole host of new enemies, with an art style that channels classic cartoons rather than classic NES games. Considering how quiet the Mega Man series has been in recent years, it's exciting to see the classic hero return in such a big way. He will be accompanied by his lovable robot dog, Rush and still be the same power stealing bad robot smashing good guy.

Both collections will have Amiibo support - just like the 3DS version of Mega Man Legacy Collection did before it.

Fans went crazy for the Super Smash Bros. trailer that featured Mega Man as its newest playable character. More info about the game is expected to be made next year. It will release in 2018 for all major platforms.

Nintendo Switch owners will also get to play the previous numbered Mega Man titles in the spring. Collection 1 covered Mega Man 1 through Mega Man 6 while Collection 2 covered Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man 10. Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and director Koji Oda are both working on the project. Fans can stay tuned all throughout 2018 for more news on all the games announced today and other celebratory activities going on during the 30 anniversary year.