Conor McGregor: Dana White's big statement, Mayweather payday revealed, Woodley's claim

Posted Diciembre 03, 2017

Their rift first began a few months ago, when White's company finalized a deal for UFC superstar Conor McGregor to make his professional boxing debut against a returning Floyd Mayweather Jr. on August 26th on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

"They've kind of opened up the door for Conor to do whatever the hell he wants to", Woodley told MMAjunkie in a separate interview on Wednesday.

Rumours circulated this week that the MMA champ had been involved in a pub brawl at the weekend, which resulted in him allegedly landing a few punches on a renowned Irish gang member. Williams noted that the Kinahan cartel would not care how famous McGregor is or how visible he is. He wasn't in the courthouse, but he could be found. He was posting on Instagram at the time his case was originally supposed to be heard.

"The nuttiest whack job on earth", White said to The Jim Rome Show.

The difficulty in tracking this story is that much of it is based on conjecture and hearsay, as one would expect from a story involving the Irish mafia. "I have zero respect for this guy".

He told the Irish Mirror: 'That's all nonsense, that is. "This guy is a complete nut". If he's making a case he has to be here.

"The people that are going to watch me are going to watch Conor", Woodley said.

The Notorious, however, isn't worried. Flanked by reporters, McGregor sped away from court in a BMW i8 (of course), but not before seemingly antagonizing the mob. His most infamous robberies included the theft of 11 Old Masters from the Sir Alfred Beit art collection at Russborough House in Co Wicklow, in 1986.

McGregor responded to say "140", while laughing. There's no one after us for anything. He even took a moment to strike a pose with his sharp-dressed lawyer.

It's pretty obvious that McGregor didn't take any of this seriously.

McGregor was due to show up in court this morning regarding a speeding fine he picked up back in March of this year but he sent his solicitor Graham Kenny instead.

Just cover your face with your hoodie, Conor! "Please don't tell me you earn more than €110 million in a day?"

"Come and get me!".