Net neutrality and the FCC's looming mistake — Kaffer

Posted Diciembre 02, 2017

Critics contend the safeguards have kept the internet equal for all users. The Center's analysis finds support for this argument, based on the fact that many comments were submitted at precisely the same instant. "Allowing the government to overreach and control the internet could potentially harm the market".

Pai likes to quote "The Big Lebowski" in his Twitter feed. Service delivery costs would make it hard for rivals to emerge to dominant players, especially in big-bandwidth sectors. "Likeable" and "normal" people like "Jeremy" helped explain to the public that big telecoms love treating all traffic on the web with the same priority, they just don't want that to be the law. It's the DLC-ification of the internet, and none of us get a Season Pass. "I certainly don't have a magic solution", he said.

Charter is wrong, the attorney general's office said in a response filed in court yesterday.

Here's a sample script: "Hi, my name is _, and I live in [city], [state]".

Then call your members of Congress. The FCC commission is appointed and makes these decisions, but Congress can pressure the agency to do the right thing, and it can also put forward legislation to make net neutrality law instead of just policy. The subject is technical and can be boring. Now faced with the further disaggregation of content, they are seeking government intervention to abet their monopolies by dissolving net neutrality. "I'd like to see the evidence that America's democratic institutions were threatened by the rule that existed during the Clinton administration, during the Bush administration, through the first six years of the Obama administration".

I'm not simply trying to defend Twitter, but equating an advertising dispute and revocation of a blue badge with net neutrality is a false equivalence.

He goes on to give more ridiculous examples.

As the Trump FCC notes in its current proposed rules to allow even greater local media consolidation, the Reagan FCC really got the ball rolling.

But the Verizon experience proved formative. But saying that you have no plans to do something and saying that you won't do something are quite different.

Net neutrality may be over. Start-ups will also face new obstacles. He sees the internet operating extremely well under net neutrality. A bill drafted in 2015 by several Republican congressmen could solve the Net neutrality debate with a minimum of regulatory dead weight. "The logic of net neutrality would also argue for banning e-commerce sites from purchasing faster delivery from FedEX or UPS, or from offering free shipping", Katz writes in a recent paper.

"Spectrum-TWC failed to maintain enough network capacity in the form of interconnection ports to deliver this promised content to its subscribers without slowdowns, interruptions, and data loss", stated an opposition brief.

Soros and the Ford Foundation have reportedly donated $196 million to advocacy groups supporting the retention of net neutrality.

"As internet usage continues to grow, it is imperative that the regulations that govern it are constantly reviewed to ensure that it is being managed in a way that promotes free market principles and increased access", said Rep. Clay Higgins. "Nothing about the Internet was broken in 2015".

The Washington Free Beacon reported in May on a number of vulgar and racist comments made in the public comments section of the FCC website over the internet rule, sparked after TV comedian John Oliver called for flooding the FCC with objections.

And now the FCC will meet to have the final say on the future of net neutrality.

"This is an open box - we know not where we go", Justice Stephen Breyer said.

He gave the same treatment to an array of other celebrity tweets.

"They should leave my family out of this and focus on debating the merits of the issue".

The public knows the FCC's proposal stinks. "Dad murdered democracy in cold blood", one sign read. As Twitter officials pointed out, the tweets themselves were never censored or removed, and no actions were taken against her account.