Xbox One game gifting from store is now available to everyone

Posted Noviembre 15, 2017

Today, we got another evidence on this and it is through a comparison video of Wolfenstein on the PS4 Pro and on the Xbox One X. the comparison video is very thorough and it looked deep into the technical aspects of the game on both consoles. With the recent release of the Xbox One X, Black Friday is going to be a fantastic time to pick yourself up an Xbox One S for as low as $189USD - the lowest it has ever been listed for. Sale items come with their own set of restrictions as well, limiting purchasers to gifting only 10 sale titles in a two week period, with the limitation that the same discounted game can only be gifted twice in that same span of time. A spin-off called Valkyria Revolution was released this year on PS4, PSVita, and Xbox One, and it featured a completely different world and setting, and real-time combat. When you send a gift to someone, they will receive a code which they can redeem to get the game on their device. It looks like the testing must have gone over well with positive feedback. The reduction goal is based on the company's output in 2013.

Whilst a majority of the content available on Xbox Live is available using the new feature, there are a few obvious exceptions.