Pope Francis recognises "heroic virtues" of predecessor, John Paul I

Posted Noviembre 10, 2017

Buried within a 192-page encyclical about climate change, the pope warns of the dangers of bowing down to the altar of technology and putting a digital filter on our lives.

Inside the Vatican, a packet of cigarettes would cost €3.80 (£3.37), but in the rest of Italy, they cost €4.30 (£3.82).

Pope Francis, speaking Wednesday in St. Peter's Square, said he was disappointed to see so many people using mobile devices when they should be worshiping during Mass.

John Paul I is often remembered as an extremely pastoral figure, using homespun language, who understood the struggles and the dreams of ordinary people and who knew how to make the teaching of the Church accessible and relevant. "This was a source of revenue, but it's obviously much more important to do what's right".

Of his recent predecessors, Popes Pius X and Pius XI smoked cigars, while Saint John XXIII smoked cigarettes.

Pope Francis has moved Pope John Paul I - the pope who reigned for only 33 days in 1978 - a step closer to possible sainthood.

'For some people, it's pie in the sky, ' conference organizer and top papal adviser Monsignor Silvano Tomasi said.

Delegates from the UN, NATO, Russia, United States, South Korea and Iran will meet with Nobel peace laureates and nuclear experts to explore the prospects of a 'nuclear free world'. His comments came in response to a question on the matter from Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the president of the Episcopal Commission for the Amazon, according to the newspaper Il Messaggero. "It is true that for the agnostic world, the world in which God does not enter, celibacy is a great scandal, because it shows exactly that God is considered and experienced as reality". Francis also took aim at "some priests and even bishops" who were guilty of reaching for their phones.

He then gave two examples of these risks, including: "Given the hunger for money and the lack of moral scruples today, won't there be the danger that a new industry will arise, that of 'baby-manufacturing, ' perhaps for those who cannot or will not contract a valid marriage?"

The heroic virtues of Italian Father Gregorio Fioravanti, founder of the Congregation of the Franciscan Missionary Nuns of the Sacred Heart.