Samsung Galaxy Note 9 codenamed 'Crown'

Posted Noviembre 07, 2017

For its latest ad, Samsung is taking a direct hit at Apple customers.

The in-development project for Samsung's next big phablet has now been given a codename, at least so say local Korean sources The Bell and The Investor, which say that insiders have tipped the project is dubbed "Crown" internally at Samsung's labs.

The iPhone 7 is also mocked for not having a headphone jack and lack of wireless charging support. Of course, Samsung won't show their product in the negative limelight in their commercial (something Apple can take off with, for fun). What does Samsung have to worry about? They do have a particular interest in grabbing as much of the iPhone crowd as possible, that's evident.

Meanwhile, he can't resist the temptation of his girlfriend's Samsung smartphones, finally joining Team Android. Titled Growing Up, it takes aim at several Apple handsets from over the last decade and includes a subtle dig at the iPhone X.

SAMSUNG IS REPORTEDLY gearing up to start a pilot production run of the Galaxy Note 9 in the first quarter of 2018. However, it was rather short-sighted on the part of the company, which itself removed the feature from its second-generation Pixel phones launched this year. We think it should be called "the one where my phone didn't burst into flames".

Meanwhile, throughout the 10 years, his girlfriend's Samsung works perfectly. Up until the iPhone 3GS showed up, the film shows various shortcomings that iPhone users had to face, one of the prime ones being the shortage of storage space.

With that in mind, enjoy spotting Apple's well documented fumbles in Samsung's ad below.

The same man is forced to type on the iPhone 5S' 4-inch screen while a girl he meets uses her stylus to write his number down on the much bigger 5.5-inch screen present on her Galaxy Note 3.

YouTube channels EverythingApplePro and SuperSaf performed similar speed tests, looking at how fast the two phones load apps and how fast they load apps from memory, but also at browser speeds, boot speeds, and benchmark scores.