Steam data suggests gamers are ditching Windows 10, but there's another explanation

Posted Noviembre 05, 2017

There have been two feature updates since then, and the Anniversary Update is now the oldest supported Windows 10 version on the market. They also said that it will be publicly stated when they will bring to an end the accessibility-based upgrade and they have done it now, on their website. The update brings fixes to the black screen bug on Microsoft Surface laptops, among other problems. StatCounter's latest update shows Windows 10 closing in on Windows 7, while NetMarketShare's figures have the new OS still a long way off reaching that milestone.

According to Microsoft, My People is a new Windows "experience". This provides an alternate communication channel to a device for performing low level hardware checks and basic troubleshooting tasks without relying on the operating system.

Under the terms of that announcement, individuals who use "assistive technologies" received an automatic extension of the free upgrade offer. This can affect applications that use mshtml.dll to load web content. The failure only occurs when a process is already shutting down, and doesn't impact application functionality.

So, the headline figure for this month's Steam stats is that Windows 10 has tumbled from 45.98% to 28.6%, a massive drop of 17.38% in the amount of gamers using Microsoft's newest OS.

Continuing with the direction we announced at Build earlier this year to make Windows 10 IoT the best platform for connecting to Azure IoT, we're simplifying the integration between Windows 10 IoT and Azure IoT.

The 15 general telemetric events Enhanced (Limited) collects include scores of separate informational "fields", ranging from the audio playback duration by an app to login errors made as users try to access a device. This feature allows management systems to leverage a trusted service to verify the device's health state for reporting or even for protecting access to remote resources. Many are meant to give Microsoft "insights into application reliability", a concept key to all three of Windows Analytics offers, but particularly crucial to Update Compliance.

It's not the first time that Microsoft has been criticised for freezing out the competition with the argument that its own features are sufficient. Of course, Microsoft has no way of knowing if that's true.

More information - and less marketing - can be found on Microsoft's TechNet site, beginning with this opening page.

Windows 10 IoT now has extended support for controlling customer-facing 2X20 line displays on devices like point-of-sale terminals.