At least 7 dead in explosion inside Afghan 'Green Zone'

Posted Noviembre 02, 2017

An Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan has carried out several attacks in recent years, mainly targeting the country's Shiite minority, which the Sunni extremists view as apostates.

He said the explosion engulfed a 303 public transport bus passing in the area, killing eight passengers and injuring 22 others, who had been taken to the provincial civil hospital. "There were no casualties to our personnel", Waziri said.

The attack struck the heart of the city's diplomatic area, where many embassies and the head offices of major international organisations are located.

The last major assault in Kabul was on October 20 when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a Shiite mosque during evening prayers, killing 56 and wounding 55. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing. No one from among employees of the Russian embassy in Kabul have been hurt in Tuesday's explosion, the building has not been damaged either, Alexei Kosarev, a spokesman for the Russian embassy, told TASS on Tuesday.