Trump on North Korea: 'I get it solved'

Posted Octubre 27, 2017

The United States layered a new round of sanctions on North Korea on Thursday, blacklisting individuals and organisations involved in security and forced labor policies for "ongoing and serious human rights abuses".

It deserves to exist as a sovereign state, with nuclear weapons as a deterrent against aggression, just like other nuclear countries.

Donors provided only $115 million of the $142 million requested for humanitarian aid for North Korea in 2016, Quintana said, citing reduced interest and "unfavorable political circumstances" for the failure to reach the U.N. target.

Australia earlier this month said it had banned North Korean athletes from entering the country as allowing them in would contradict Canberra's staunch opposition to Pyongyang's nuclear programme.

The alternative is to continue on the current path and risk a military conflict or a full-scale war. In conjunction with this report, the Department of the Treasury added the ten persons and entities to the List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons.

ASEAN defense ministers, in a joint statement, expressed "grave concern" over North Korea's nuclear and missile programs and urged the reclusive country to meet its international obligations and resume communications.

The message extended "sincere congratulations" and wished Xi "great success" in carrying out the Chinese ruling party's policy priorities set forth at its twice-a-decade congress, the media said.

In this context, the US objective of a denuclearized North Korea disarmed of ICBMs is unachievable by diplomatic means. After all, when Mao's China made a dash for nuclear weapons in the 1960s, its rationale was little different from that of North Korea today, but no one doubted that deterrence would work.

The United States also sanctioned North Korea's consul general in Shenyang, China, and a diplomat at North Korea's embassy in Vietnam. He has also ramped up unsettling rhetoric against North Korea. "I'd rather not say, but you'll be surprised", Trump said.

No state has shot down any plane for crossing their territorial airspace. That question looms large in many conversations these days.

SEOUL - President Moon Jae-in on Thursday joined in calls for nominating two elderly Austrian women for the Nobel Peace Prize for their 40 years of service to South Korean leprosy patients on the remote island of Sorok, a Catholic priest said.