California Becomes First State To Require Pet Stores To Sell Rescues

Posted Octubre 17, 2017

Confirmed this Friday by Governor Jerry Brown, the new law would require pet stores to sell animals from shelters or animal rescues.

Animals like cats, dogs and rabbits must come from shelters or adoption centers in a bid to stamp out mass breeding of animals in so-called "puppy mills".

"By banning the sale of high volume, mill-bred animals, California took a bold step forward. I am very grateful for the strong support we received from animal-lovers across the state and from Social Compassion in Legislation, the bill's sponsor". "For the longest time, we've been advocates for a lot of legislation, some stuff that died or didn't have the support the lawmakers didn't want to touch it. Anything from mandatory spay and neuter to all kinds of other stuff".

The American Kennel Club and California Retailers Assn. were among the groups that opposed it.

"Assembly Bill 485 reverses California's tradition of leading the nation in pet and consumer protections", said PIJAC President Mike Bober, who in a video release in September urged Brown to veto AB 485.

Welsh said this really is a win for pet stores, because now they can sell shelter animals. Those in violation of the law will face a fine of $500. Furthermore, all pets in these venues will come from shelters and rescues, giving animals who have been impounded yet another spotlight and a chance at adoption.

Not everyone is happy about the bill.

Animal Kingdom Pet Shop founder Adam Tipton, whose three Central Coast stores employ 26 people, said Brown's signature endangers "not just my employees, but also my customers".

"The enactment of AB 485 represents a troublesome new reality for California's pet owners", Hope said.

The chain has stores in Santa Maria, Grover Beach and Pismo Beach.

Puppy factories have been generally reprimanded for neglecting to organize creature welfare and for keeping creatures in stuffed conditions and over-rearing.

According to Tipton, "The public has been put at great risk by the false information that was used to pass this law".

Neil Parish MP, seat of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, respected the declaration yet said he was miserable the Government hosted not restricted the third gathering offer of pooches.