Samsung's Foldable Phone Surprise: New Details Emerge

Posted Octubre 01, 2017

Wait for your phone to switch back on for a few minutes. Based on them, we can also confirm the model number of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy phones. And it will have the same rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

An immersive experience unfolds once consumers are welcomed into the space showcasing the unique features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Why should you be excited?

However a representative for Samsung Electronics said that although Samsung Electronics is in a process of preparing for release of foldable Smartphones, it is still in a development stage of foldable Smartphones. Of course, it's no surprise that a Samsung flagship wins the title. The actual availability date is a mystery at this point, but it doesn't seem that the phone is coming anytime soon.

On the other hand, we can't also deny the fact that the phablet does pack in some nifty features and hardware as well. Yes, you must be so stunned that a feather would knock you to the ground. Samsung showed its bendy plastic screens at CES 2013, along with a name - they were called 'Youm', though it was clear from the flexible prototype that Samsung demonstrated was far from ready for commercial use. The first set of details to run from the tap come in the form of code-numbers. The device has a bigger battery of 4,000mAh under the case.

The Galaxy Note 8 is the priciest among the Galaxy smartphones at $929.99. This would make the phone extremely convenient to carry while also making it as big - or possibly even larger - than a tablet in size. The difference of about 6 seconds isn't too big of a lead, but it is clear that the new Snapdragon 835 and the 6GB of RAM definitely played a role in the Note 8 cinching a victory. However, from what it appears it won't take these tech giants much time to do that. This prediction is gaining more credibility as President Ko Dong-jin, who is in charge of Samsung Electronics' Smartphone business, recently announced its plan to release foldable Smartphones. Just like the Galaxy S8 launch, both the Galaxy S9 devices are expected to be launched ahead of the MWC 2018 event.