Elon Musk aims to build spaceship to colonize Mars

Posted Octubre 01, 2017

The BFR could also be used for trips on Earth, the newspaper says, taking passengers anywhere on the planet "in under an hour". Namely, flying people from one end of the Earth to the other within record times, as well as deploying the stepping stones for his Mars metropolis by 2024.

But Musk said the company's real mission now is to make its current fleet "redundant" and rely on a new rocket in development. According to The Verge, Musk is proposing using SpaceX's mega-rocket that's in the works - codenamed Big F****ing Rocket or BFR - to life a spaceship into orbit.

Elon Musk has unveiled his ambitious plans to build both a lunar base and a city on Mars.

If SpaceX can pull this off, it will be the first in history to land humans on Mars. "I feel fairly confident that we can complete the ship and be ready for a launch in about five years", he was quoted as saying. Unfortunately, it is also the cost per trip that you will have to take into consideration because you're probably wondering that these trips could cost a a few thousand dollars right? Proposed routes for the city-to-city rocket system could include New York to Shanghai in 39 minutes, Hong Kong to Singapore in 22 minutes, London to Dubai or New York in 29 minutes, and Los Angeles to Toronto in 24 minutes.

Musk said last year it would be about $200,000 a ticket. Those changes were reflected in the presentation Musk gave Friday.

The worst part of travelling is the actual travelling.

Mr Musk foresees this Mars city growing, and over time "making it really a nice place to be".

He said the new plan would "cannibalise" all of SpaceX's other products and refocus all the company's efforts on the BFR.

The cost, which will be equivalent to the economy flight on a passenger jet.